| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

SBI reveals the scenes of ammonium nitrate investigations in Baalbek

The ammonium nitrate has suddenly appeared in Baalbek region, a stronghold of Hezbollah.

These nitrates are similar to those found in hangar No. 12 in Beirut Port, as the percentage of nitrogen is the same 34.7 percent. But the difference is that they were divided into several parts and placed in new bags, that do not hold any brand on it. It seemed that these nitrates were set to be sold according to a scheme whose details are still unknown.

The one who found nitrates in a warehouse in Baalbek region is Saadallah la-Solh, who is a Sunni. This coincided with marketing the nitrates by people close to Hezbollah to link the situation with the expiation groups.

The nitrates seized were linked to Maroun Saker who has been under investigation in the Information Division since Sunday.

Information revealed that Saker confirmed during his interrogations that he sells Solh fertilizers for agriculture and that he does not import ammonium nitrate, which was originally prohibited from being imported by the army since 1990. He imports ammonium sulfate and other kinds of fertilizers which are suitable for agriculture.

Sources confirmed to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that the process of importing fertilizers for agriculture requires approval and examination by the army, after which the importer is allowed to import it.

Investigations revealed that Saadallah Al-Solh, who is the owner of the warehouse where the nitrates were seized, is hidden from view, and that his son was arrested and admitted that these quantities were bought from a person named Ahmed Al-Zein who is within Hezbollah’s orbit while he was also hidden from view. Information revealed that Al-Zein obtained nitrates from Maroun Sakr.

It is worth noting that several raids took place at Saker warehouses, and what was found only ammonium sulfur for agriculture.

The question that arises in this context is who is the sponsor of these nitrates, especially that Baalbek area is under the control of Hezbollah and the quantities were discovered 28 km far from the borders and the illegal crossings?

The biggest question: Is there an attempt to get rid of these quantities and wasting the time of Judge Bitar in his investigations, and distract attention from the party capable of entering and removing nitrates from the port?

The investigations will continue, and many surprises will pop up in the coming days so let us wait and see.

  • Sawt Beirut International