| 27 May 2024, Monday |

SBI’s News Bulletin Intro: Hezbollah offers Kordahi’s head to Macron

George Kordahi has twice made the mistake. The first was when he was enticed to say something he typically avoids expressing in his renowned interview. It is true that his position existed prior to taking office at the Ministry of Information, but unfortunately, in the social media’s Law, everything is recorded. Much worse than this, the talk show was broadcasted after Kordahi was appointed as a minister, thus the conflict arose, leading to his resignation today.

Kordahi’s second misstep was that he did not know how to quit on time. The points he made today about placing Lebanon’s and Lebanese interests over his own interests were relevant in the early days of broadcasting his interview, but they are no longer applicable now. So why didn’t he offer his resignation to the Lebanese people right away, rather than putting it off for a month? Whatever the case, one proof is that Hezbollah is the one who directs and orders his allies when to take action.

The party has long stated that Kordahi’s resignation is a red line, and that his resignation entails the resignation of all of his ministers, and maybe all of the Shiite duo’s ministers. Why was there such a strange stillness following the resignation of the Minister of Information? More than that, others argue that an integrated arrangement was struck between Hezbollah and a variety of groups, with one of the first outcomes being the sacrifice of George Kordahi. That is why we say to the resigned Minister of Information, “What you did today was not the result of your conviction to accomplish the interests of the Lebanese,” but rather because the party offered to the French President Emmanuel Macron what he desired, before it arrived in Saudi Arabia.

A final say to Hezbollah: your rhetoric about devotion, dedication, and unwavering support for allies have no concrete translation on the ground. You sell and purchase, and when required, you sacrifice allies before opponents. We have had enough of your lack of commitment and loyalty.

  • Sawt Beirut International