| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

SBI’s News Bulletin Introduction: Be wary of Hassan Nasrallah’s calmness!

Be wary of Hassan Nasrallah’s calmness!

Hassan Nasrallah was quiet when giving his speech today. Why this serenity? Well, it is true that calmness comes after the storm, but we’re in the middle of one right now, so why was Hezbollah’s Secretary-General so calm? Most likely, Nasrallah is still trying to process the bad consequences of his recent media appearance, during which he threatened and pledged… yet none of his promises came true.

It is enough to recall Nasrallah raising his finger in the face of the Lebanese in general, and the Lebanese Forces in particular, telling them to “be sensible, behave.” Today, Nasrallah watched his tone. Most likely, Nasrallah found a mistake in his prior actions and is attempting to make amends today.

As a result, rather of threatening, he delivered a lengthy and comprehensive evaluation in which he broke the principle that Hezbollah dominates Lebanon. How does Nasrallah reconcile what he said yesterday with what he says today? Which Hassan Nasrallah shall we we trust? Nasrallah with the raised finger threatening of a hundred thousand members, or Hassan Nasrallah with the “calibrated” and calm tone? Despite the apparent quiet on the ground, Nasrallah reaffirmed his regional constants, most notably his pronouncements of animosity toward Saudi Arabia starting from Lebanon to Yemen. He stated unequivocally that he is opposed to Georges Kordahi’s resignation as well as his dismissal. This means that the crisis caused by Kordahi’s statements has not and will most likely not be resolved.

In this circumstance, what will Najib Mikati do? Kordahi will not resign, and his removal is out of the question. Will Mikati step down? Or is his resignation prohibited by the United States and France as a result of the sanctions imposed against him? Let us wait, but meanwhile, don’t ever trust Nasrallah’s calmness!

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