| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Second phase of elections has begun… Are there any obstacles?!

At Sunday midnight , the Lebanese expatriate elections began in their second phase with Australia, as the first country to open its ballot boxes, then other Arab and European countries, and in Latin and North America, began to open the polls successively during daylight hours today, Sunday, until tomorrow morning, Monday.
How was the course of the electoral process in the accredited headquarters in the countries of expatriation? What about turnout?
As for Dubai, whose consulate witnessed a large crowd of Lebanese voters since the early morning, with an overwhelming enthusiasm for change, the Consul of Lebanon in the Emirates, Assaf Doumit, considered that there are no administrative problems to mention, except to complain about the overcrowding.
As for Lebanon’s ambassador to Morocco, Ziad Atallah, he confirmed that all is well.
Regarding the elections in Turkey, the Chargé d’Affairs of the Lebanese Embassy in Turkey, Mazen Kabbara, confirmed that the electoral process is calm and there are no major problems.
The expatriate wings have witnessed, and are witnessing, an unprecedented enthusiasm for voting, thus breaking all the bets to annule the entitlement. Will the same enthusiasm extend to the interior of Lebanon, to determine the future of the country?!