| 8 December 2022, Thursday |

Service Tariff.. bursa beyond poor’s capacity

The meter moves and with it the taxi driver’s daily balance of sustenance decreases. Retreat withdraws the rationing in his working hours before the end of the day. Rationing saves him from running out of fuel in his fuel tank. His diary is in danger, a danger that shares its losses with the commuter.

The government reneged on its promise to support drivers, and the Road Transport Union declared Thursday a strike day. An announcement coincides with raising demands to the Council of Ministers, but nothing has been achieved.

The tariff problem is not solved by installing meters in cars, drivers say.

The drivers sector is left, and the transportation arena is not regulated by laws, but rather negotiations between the passenger and the owner of the vehicle.

The transportation tariff crisis does not know the destination of the solution to take the road to it. An old new crisis did not leave the diary of the Lebanese citizen. The only destination is the path towards a catastrophe whose path is not paved with solutions.


  • Sawt Beirut International