| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Shall we bid a farewell to the Internet in Lebanon?

When the Head of the Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee Hussein Hajj Hassan, asked the Central Bank to pay the state’s dues to Internet companies, estimated at $ 500,000 to avoid interruption in Internet services, several news emerged on social media talking about Internet cuts in Lebanon.

Some news stated that the Central Bank will stop transferring dollars to international Internet companies. Another news indicated that some countries such as Cyprus have started asking the state to pay its dues, otherwise it will disconnect the submarine cable that connects Lebanon to the world.

In an interview with Ogero General Manager Imad Kreidieh, he confirmed that there is a certain problem with the Central Bank of Lebanon regarding the exchange rate, as the latter considers that the payment should be according to Sayrafa’s platform exchange rate, while the ministry’s budget is still at 1,500 LBP.

A state of panic prevailed among the Lebanese, due to fears of internet interruption, which is vital for them.

Shall we bid a farewell to the Internet in Lebanon?

Lebanese are being humiliated on daily basis, so will the state of ‘Hell’ allow isolating Lebanon from the world?

  • Sawt Beirut International