| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Shocking figures for diesel in Lebanon?

Diesel is available in the Lebanese market, but the citizen is not able to buy it after its price has exceeded the expected.
A large number of gas station owners complained about their inability to sell canisters of diesel in retail, because of the pricing variance, especially as companies demand to pay the price of diesel in fresh dollars. According to information obtained by “Sawt Beirut International”, this problem was solved, especially with the price of the plate reaching 302,400 Lebanese pounds.
But the shocking thing, is the clear decrease in sales quantities, where its percentage reached 35% to 40%, after the quantities reached 15 million liters per day, and today they reached a maximum of 8 million.
A school principle in Baalbek told “Sawt Beirut International” that the school is not able to provide diesel to receive students, especially since the area witnesses temperatures as low as 20 below zero during the winter season.
A follow-up source indicated that the number of residents of mountain villages decreased after the residents returned to the cities, where the cost of heating exceeded their capabilities.