| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Shoeblack: A career almost extinct in Lebanon

“I live in humiliation,” said shoeblack  Hassan Qassem Mustafa (29 years old) from Zahrani, who sits on the side of the road waiting for a customer to get a handful of pounds for the service he provides, adding in an interview with “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh since If I wa 12 years old and I work in this field , my day ranges from 15 to 20 thousand pounds, while the price of a box of paint that suffices for one day has become 12 thousand pounds after it was 1,500 pounds. ”And he added,“ I have a daughter and I cannot afford her, and my mother is Sick, ”he added,“ This career is extinct, and all I dream about is leaving Lebanon