| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Shy nominations in areas of Shiite influence… Fear of treason?

The door for nominations for the parliamentary elections was closed at midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the number of candidates for the upcoming elections reached 1,043 in all electoral districts on all Lebanese territories.

However, what is remarkable was the occupation of Shiite influence areas with the lowest percentage in the number of nominations. The southern districts recorded the lowest percentage with 105 candidates, compared to 269 candidates in Mount Lebanon, 292 nominations in the north, 174 nominations in Beirut, while 201 candidates were registered in the Bekaa. Although there is a timid popular resentment within the Shiite environment for the behavior of the duo, the door was closed to any breach in their environment by civil society groups opposing the party’s and the “Amal” movement’s control of the Shiite decision. What is the secret behind these shy numbers in the nominations?

It is the approach of the duo, especially by Hezbollah. A speech or statement by its leaders and the views of its Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, was not without repetition of the saying “an American-Israeli plot to weaken the resistance” and its repetition to entrench it in the minds of the “resistance public.”

Nor from the term “embassies groups”, nor from the expressions of treason against opponents who attack the party and its weapons and demand its disarmament. It is the policy of mobilization, and anyone who opposes Hezbollah is only accused of working.

Is the result settled in the absence of strong rival candidates? Anticipation is now the master of the situation… Either change or more sanctions and crises!

  • Sawt Beirut International