| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Siniora meets a Saudi official in Paris

The task of rearranging the sovereign Sunni house in Lebanon that rejects the role of Hezbollah and Iran in preparation for the parliamentary elections led by President Fouad Siniora appears to have been completed. According to political sources, the path that will be taken to translate the decision of confrontation, rather than withdrawal, has been agreed upon, and that things will become clearer over the next two days.

According to sources, the most significant factor that contributed to the resolution of matters was a dose of support that Siniora received during a meeting with a Saudi official in Paris, the name of whom the sources refused to reveal. According to the information, Siniora is expected to return to Beirut this evening and will meet with President Najib Mikati, Mustafa Alloush, the former leader of the Future Movement, and former MP Ahmed Fatfat upon his arrival.

It is known that the three refuse the Sunni sect’s boycott of the elections, while Fatfat and Alloush are among the Sunni figures who were close to Saad Hariri, but who are also known for their hardline and high-profile stances against Iran and Hezbollah. Information revealed that Siniora had prepared his papers to submit his candidacy for the elections, while the information spoke of an undeclared role of Prime Minister Saad Hariri that discouraged Siniora’s movement through communicating with Sunni figures preparing to contest the parliamentary elections.

While the scene within the Sunni community becomes clearer, diplomatic sources revealed that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement is trying to woo the Saudis, after he failed to convince the Americans to trade off facilitating the border demarcation file with the sanctions imposed on him. According to the information, Bassil assigned more than one mediator to carry out this task, including a friend of the ambassador Walid al-Bukhari is close to the President of the Republic, but the task so far is still difficult and the road to Riyadh is still impassable for Bassil.

  • Sawt Beirut International