| 1 December 2022, Thursday |

Sit-in for mechanical preview users

Workers and employees of the mechanical inspection centers staged a sit-in at the entrance opposite the Beirut municipality building leading to the parliament, at the invitation of the union’s founding body, three weeks after stopping work in the company and closing the inspection centers, which led to their arbitrary dismissal, suspension of their salaries and the displacement of nearly four hundred fifty families.

The protesters blocked the road, carrying banners that read: “Where are our rights after twenty years of work, and who protects the continuity of our work?” A solution was also communicated with the new representatives.” He said, “We are in the process of a legal review before the Ministry of Labor, as the operating company resorted to arbitrary spending, and it must be sued, its property seized and resorting to labor arbitral councils. He concluded by appealing to officials to intervene to restore work to this sector and stop the massacre of employees’ livelihood in order to preserve public safety.

  • Sawt Beirut International