| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

Social media causes narcissism!

It is called social networking sites, a name that is not 100% correct, perhaps because it brought people closer to each other in communicating with words and following each other’s lives, but it kept them away from physical communication, family bonding. So we console through a message or comment on Facebook, we congratulate those engaged with “Like” or “Stickers”, we express our joy or sadness with a picture or a song as a maximum.We express our happiness or sadness with a picture or a song, as a maximum.
Social media has succeeded in enlarging the tumor of the ID, or what is known in Arabic as “he.” The animal instinct within the human being, made us live in a bubble of a private world, we only know from reality, what is “filtered” in Instagram photos, or what is embellished in Caption photo on Facebook.
Lina Derhali is a psychologist and writer of Lebanese origin, who succeeded in penetrating the individual and collective unconscious, and found in her study the thread of relation between social media and narcissism
Lina’s in-depth study of the social behavior of individuals, which led her to the results that she talks about in her lectures in the United States of America
Lina’s study is worth following up. Perhaps a person can control the loosening of his social behavior, which is affected by the loosening of controls on social networking sites.