| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Social media platforms are the candidates’ haven for the parliamentary elections

Articles related to funding and spending on elections have been determined. Each candidate can spend 750 million Lebanese pounds on his electoral campaign, which is equal to $35,000 dollars at the exchange rate of 20,000 LBP.

This amount is not enough to conduct a television interview on local channels, which is based on two pricing mechanisms, either payment is made in fresh dollars, or in Lebanese pounds and lollars.

Amid this reality, a large percentage of candidates resorted to social media to provide electoral money, and to present their programs and positions.

Social media is considered a vital tool to evade the election law, especially articles related to electoral spending.

These platforms have set the principle of equal opportunities between candidates and their supporters in terms of electoral media, but in return, they raised the level of political rivalries and sectarian strife.

Preparations for the parliamentary elections started through the virtual world, amid cautious anticipation that they will be postponed.

  • Sawt Beirut International