| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Soldiers’ families take to streets…their children’s future in danger

Finished military service but did not reach actual retirement,
He began serving the military cause to collect pension rights for himself and his comrades.
The house that granted the military institution its children did not obtain, like other houses, the most basic civil rights, beiong deprived made it more adherent to the army’s banner and to the voice of the military.
The square that witnessed the movement of the families of the kidnapped soldiers, the martyrs who were killed by ISIS,
Today, witnesses the exodus of the same families and other families demanding the rights of their children.

Eyes of the current military, watch their retirement future

Avoid clashing with those who will be in their shoes after the end of service,
Retirement ahead of them, and refrain from carrying out orders behind them,
It is not the first time that the military is faced with two options, the best of which are bitter.
Faced with the test of carrying out the task of suppressing the families of their comrades,
where passing it does not promote the one who takes it, but rather breaks his rank more and more in the Arms School’s Comrades

  • Sawt Beirut International