| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Soon… no more car rides!

Apparently, fuels in Lebanon have become a nightmare for the Lebanese.. Between the queues of humiliation in front of the stations for months and the outrageous high prices that affect their prices, the Lebanese stands confused “What and how will he move, to keep his money until the end of the month?”

And since fuel has become a new price every day with the floundering of the lira against the dollar.. and the journey has become costly to an extent that most of the Lebanese may not bear, especially after the canister of gasoline reached more than 800,000 pounds, what are the alternatives to which the Lebanese resort?

The reality imposed on the Lebanese people to reduce their consumption of gasoline, and according to the “International Information” indicated, the average daily consumption in 2022 decreased by 14.3% from the year 2021.

I mean, the Lebanese have become deprived of everything! All that was left was the journey to work as an outlet for the Lebanese man!


  • Sawt Beirut International