| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Specifications for a president who does not have a presidency!

The political parties disagree on the qualifications for the future President of the Republic and what is expected of him: some want him to be a blend of Bassil and Franjieh, while others feel it should be a sovereign, and follow the “achievements” that the covenant started.

The most important thing is for the next president to be a “prepared local” president who understands and seeks to achieve the country’s true interests, stripped of the garb of dependency, so that he does not compromise on the closure of the crossings or the unity of the state’s arms and its sovereign decisions… Lebanon comes first, and the Lebanese are the most influential…

Today, however, the escalation of the fight over cabinet formation, as well as the attendant “activity” between Bassil and Mikati, has raised concerns about the potential of the country slipping into a presidential vacuum.

Is anybody trying to lift the country out of its emptiness and tragedy, or are we heading for further conflicts and constitutional battles? We must wait; the solution will come shortly!

  • Sawt Beirut International