| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Spinsterhood in Lebanon on the rise, so say farewell to marriage

The phenomenon of delayed marriage, or what is known as “spinsterhood,” has become a nightmare that chases young men and women in Lebanon. The burdens of life and society and the rulings imposed on those who delay marriage have worsened the situation.

The community has taken tough attitudes and opinions towards this phenomenon, although studies and statistics indicate that its rates are high, according to the age groups between males and females.

Lebanon tops the list of Arab countries with the highest rate of spinsterhood, reaching 85 percent, according to the latest studies conducted by Western media and research centers.

According to the latest studies conducted by a foreign media, the average age of marriage has increased in recent years to become between 25 and 30 years. The study also pointed out that the delayed marriage reduces the rate of reproduction, which has become a growing concern among girls.

As for the reasons behind this growing percentage in spinsterhood, they come in the following order:

– The harsh economic situation that Lebanon is going through, as it has become very difficult to buy or rent a house, as well as securing the needs of the house and the high cost of hospitalization, which includes the cost of labor and medical care for children

– The second reason is the women’s independence, who has become an active worker in the society, and thus able to provide a safe and good life for herself solely without any need for a husband

– The poor psychological state of the Lebanese, which makes any marriage, postponed until further notice.

The International Information had a different opinion, as it reported, based on figures issued by the Central Administration of Statistics, that the rate of celibacy in Lebanon for people between one year to 49 years old is 70.3 percent, and the ratio varies between males and females, as well as according to age groups.

Therefore, if we consider that the age of marriage is less than 40 – especially for women – spinsterhood occurs among those who have exceeded this age and have not yet been married, and therefore the percentage is 32%, rather than 85%, according to the report.

So, marriage has become hard in Lebanon, but to those who were able to find a way, we say to them: Congratulations.

  • Sawt Beirut International