| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

Strong covenant .. When does it end?

The country’s general atmosphere is not good or even optimistic. It is true that the constitutional risk passed peacefully, and that the results achieved were generally good, still, the pressing economic and social situation draws more than a question mark about the future. The dollar is on the rise. Which is normal in light of the increased demand for it, while the market suffers from an outage. This is reflected in all commodities, especially the basic ones. Bread, the support of the poor, is rising steadily, where the price of one bundle reached thirty thousand pounds on the black market in some areas. As for fuel, it’s even worse, and humilation queues are seen back in front og gas sations. It is a tragic picture of a state collapsing, and a nation floundering in its deep structural problems. What can the authority do to confront the dark reality? All indications indicate that solutions under this era are not possible. Is it possible for Lebanon to survive five months later, or is it better for everyone that the strong era ends prematurely?

  • Sawt Beirut International