| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Successive meetings failed to resolve formation’s stucking points

Successive meetings between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate, have not succeeded yet in resolving any of the points related to the new government. Discussions are still deliberated, and they have not yet surpassed the distribution of portfolios among sects. Postponing the fourth meeting between President Aoun and the Prime Minister-designate till Monday, means that things still need more time and work, which squandered Mikati’s hopes of forming a government before the 4th of August.

“Third time’s a charm” didn’t work, and the Republican Palace’s sources , and in a clear indication of the course of matters, summed up the atmosphere after the third meeting by saying, that it is true that the approach has changed, and that there is an intention to form a government, and the President-designate is keen on full partnership with the President of the Republic, but still, he must wipe away the pillars Hariri has set in his last lineup presented to Aoun before he  apologized, but this does not mean, as Baabda says, that Mikati adheres to these pillars.

Anyway, positivity, as it is shown so far, is a formal wrapping up of a negativity that is not yet recognized. The knot, as we mentioned yesterday, is still the Interior Ministry, with Bassil’s demanding for guarantees, as he fears any scenario that might affect him in the parliamentary elections,  if the Interior  Ministry remains with the Sunnis, and sources reveal that Basil’s statements via his televised appearance about annulling shift in  portfolios,  if the Financial Ministry remained with the Shiites, it means his acceptance of the Interior Ministry remaining with the Sunnis, is something that Mikati has not touched yet in his meetings with the President.

According to information, President Mikati carried to Baabda in their second meeting , proposed names for the four sovereign portfolios, internal, external, defense and finance, in addition to proposed names for two portfolios he considers to be important in the next stage, namely, the economy and social affairs, which will be concerned with the financing card, but President Aoun asked for more time to study the proposals, and no agreement was reached.

As of today, the unannounced meetings will intensify. Mikati relies on pressures that may be exerted in more than one direction to achieve a breakthrough in formation, and the President of the Republic relies on Mikati’s positivity and flexibility, but who is caring for the people and their pain?