| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Summer vacation in “fresh dollars”… Opportunities for expatriate visits are greater than before

Planning a fun day, bringing them together. Ali and his two companions from Baghdad became road keepers in Beirut. The crises did not prevent them from insisting on the summer holidays in Lebanon.
The omens of the Lebanese tourism loomed. The sun of optimism about the sector’s prosperity has faded from the clouds of successive crises.

Lebanon will be a destination for about 1.2 million tourists from Arab countries, Australia, the United States, Canada and some European countries. Lebanon is the destination, although there are other countries with cheaper prices.

Overcrowding in restaurants, a photo recorded by the capital, Beirut. An image that the Lebanese have missed for two years due to an economic collapse that made them lose their appetite to leave their homes.

Tourism launched its wheels after two years of health and financial brakes, brakes that not only paralyzed the movement of the sector, but also cost it millions of dollars in losses that Lebanon relied on to support the hard currency.


  • Sawt Beirut International