| 21 September 2023, Thursday |

Sunni community 2022 elections: the only hope to achieve reforms!

Exactly one week ago, the Sunni community was a source of concern for analysts. Some speculated that the departure of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from the political game would cause the Sunni sect to become dissatisfied and lose its moderation trend.

The aforementioned notion was first eased for some people, but in the end, the realities came back to force themselves. The first of these realities is that, if accurate and applied to the Christian situation between 1990 and 2005, dissatisfaction was normal and appropriate. Christian leaders were either exiled or imprisoned during the time.

The Sunni scenario now is much different. All leaders are present in Lebanon and enjoy political freedom, and no one forbids them from participating in the elections. Thus, the Sunni electoral arena is open to all, and victory will go to the strongest and most popular candidates, as well as those whose background and profession demonstrate trust in the people.

In Lebanon, Sunnis are traditionally the people of moderation, not extremism. With the exception of the Sunnis, anybody who reviews the history of the Lebanese conflict would learn how most of the Lebanese sects were involved in the war. Anyone who looks back at what transpired following the establishment of the Al-Nusra and ISIS groups in the area will see that the Sunni attitude in Lebanon did not respond to Al-Nusra or ISIS, and that it remained far from radicalism.

In brief, the Sunnis are not frustrated and there is no reason to be discouraged, and the Sunnis were and will remain moderate, and the upcoming parliamentary elections will come to prove once again their options, and to confirm once again that the sect that provided so much to Lebanon in the first and second republics will be the only option to achieve reforms!

  • Sawt Beirut International