| 5 December 2022, Monday |

Swimming pools turns into luxury

30 or 35 thousand “Hey, if you are hanged immediately..believe it or not, dear citizen, this was the price for entering the swimming pools” when the lira was a thousand good and the country was in its best days. Today, the reality is different: the entry fees range from -200 to – 500,000 liras… Even some resorts and hotels classified in the 5-star category are now priced at a dollar.

Fresh diesel dollars and the high operating cost are one of the main reasons for the crazy prices to enter the swimming pool. Most of the Lebanese were deprived of their right to enjoy Lebanon’s sun and climate, and the sea was transformed from a right to a luxury.
In a quick and small calculation, the cost of spending a day at the pool for a family of 4 people may reach about one million and 200 thousand Lebanese pounds, of course without calculating the cost of transportation and “eating, drinking and sunning” during this long day, which means “a month’s pension that goes out for a day.” One”, which prompted a large number of Lebanese to return to public beaches despite the neglect they suffer from…
Unfortunately, it has been written on the Lebanese, “He will remain suffocated”, only to be confused between his worries and crises!!

  • Sawt Beirut International