| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Syndicate of Station Owners: VISA Card service canceled

As if what the Lebanese people aren’t already going through enough crises, like financial and economical, they are today getting ready for a new battle, but this time because of the Russian war in Ukraine. To shed light on this issue, we were joined by the head of the Syndicate of Food Importers, Hani Bohsali.

The member of the Syndicate of Owners of Gas Stations, Georges Brax, confirmed to Sawt Beirut International that the reason for canceling the visa card service is mainly the many losses it causes for stations that cannot withdraw their money from banks and are forced to pay the price of fuel in cash. Brax wished all companies to abide by the cancellation of this service, as the majority were unable to do so.

The Syndicate of Fuel Station Owners in Lebanon considered in a statement that the stations always pay a tax on the high price of a barrel of oil globally, noting that recently some fuel companies have refrained from delivery, while others deliver fuel in very small quantities that do not meet with the needs of the Lebanese market.

The union hoped the Minister of Energy would respond to the union’s requests and secure diesel, especially in oil refineries, which would contribute to resolving the crisis and prevent oil companies from monopolizing this substance.


  • Sawt Beirut International