| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Syria wants 8% of Egyptian gas before it reaches Lebanon

“Lebanon and Syria’s Unity of Path and Destiny,” the phrase that Lebanon has paid for, during years of tutelage and the Syrian military occupation of the Cedars country, seems that it will return again, but this time, through the electricity gate.
Just like Lebanon, Syria also suffers from a very severe electricity crisis, and rationing reaches 21 hours, the same like Lebanon. Here, there was talk about Syria’s willingness to cooperate, in light of the American lifting cover, on the possibility of leasing Egyptian gas for use in the Deir Ammar plant, and thus producing electricity through World Bank’s support.
But in order for this gas to reach northern Lebanon, it needs to pass through Jordan and then Syria, according to what “Sawt Beirut International” learned. Jordan will benefit from Egyptian gas to produce electric powe,r and sell it to Lebanon within the established plan.
But what is surprising is the information obtained by “Sawt Beirut International,”that Syria is demanding about 8% of the amount of gas that will pass through the its pipeline to northern Lebanon, because it is in dire need of securing some additional hours, especially with the diesel shortage before winter begins.
But even this is not guaranteed, because, and through special information obtained by ” Sawt Beirut International, ” there are talk about Syria’s unwillingness to pass gas through its lands, and will try to create faults and demand the postponement of the launch of the project for geopolitical reasons.
The information was based on a Syrian analyst’s speech to an Arab satellite channel, who said “Lebanon has always been without electricity, now it wanr it?”
The Syrian regime will never accept Lebanon’s stability, while its still suffering in electricity, fuel and gas, and thus, it will applicate the “Lebanon and Syria’s Unity of Path and Destiny,” saying.