| 8 December 2021, Wednesday |

Take me with you on your way for free

The gasoline bill for Wael has dropped from 400,000 Lebanese pound per week, to 88,000 LBP after he bought his Tuktuk, and used it instead of his car to move around his city in Saida, and to commute his children to school.

Born and grown up in Saida, Wael owns a shop for eyeglasses in the market. He is a civil activist, cares about the people of his city and tries as much as possible to help them.

The first trip on his Tuktuk is from home to the transport his children to school, then Wael returns to take his wife to the shop, as she supports him in his work.

Wael moves then to purchase the home and store necessities, but all these “journeys are not interesting” without the people who accompany him for free.

Wael’s human story is interesting on the one hand, but it is sad on the other, as we have become beggars in this country as Shushu’s song says, “Shehadin, Ya Baladna.”