| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Taxi Diary:  Nothing but loss

He is Uncle Mustafa, he wakes up every day from the early hours of the morning, optimistic about a new day, hoping that he will return at the end of the night with enough money for him.. His condition is like many, after the exorbitant price of petrol, his work has become a “loss for a loss.”

Uncle Mustafa travels in the suburbs of Beirut daily, and he takes 50,000 pounds instead of each passenger, but it hardly secures him a little profit…

This uncle’s concern is not only the price of a can of gasoline, which exceeded 800,000 pounds, nor the number of passengers.

With great choking, Uncle Mustafa tells us stories he encountered with passengers who were unable to pay the cost of the ride and ride.

So if it is a setback.. it was destined for the taxi driver these days, some of them gave up and abandoned it.. and those of them who persisted have no power or strength, they only have a red number waiting with him for the moment of relief!

  • Sawt Beirut International