| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Tayouneh investigations: No evidence of snipers

Amid great secrecy, the investigations into the Tayouneh incident continue with the Lebanese army, and there is conflicting information about the completion of the investigations and their transfer to the military court, as a high-ranking political source confirmed, in exchange for a source familiar with the file confirming that the investigations have not ended and that due to the accuracy and sensitivity of the matter, the army commander’s instructions are to be careful in the investigation.

It was learned that the number of detainees reached 20 from both sides, including 3 Syrians, and among the detainees who appeared in the videos firing with shells and machine guns, in contrast, there are no snipers among the detainees from Ain al-Remmaneh who have not been proven guilty of sniping, and there is no evidence that can be based To her investigators to install the hypothesis of sniping after.

On the other hand, preliminary investigations revealed that a number of victims, including Maryam Farhat, were hit by bullets fired randomly by the gunmen who were on the old Sidon road.

The number of detainees may change, so that in the coming hours, those who are proven to be unrelated to the incident may be released, and new suspects may be arrested, all of which is under investigation.

According to the information, the investigations have shown so far why the investigation takes so long, the sources answer because the file is accurate and sensitive and requires analyzing the images of the surveillance cameras in all the area and listening to the statements of the detainees and the statements of the army members who were on the ground, including one of the officers from the commando regiment who was fractured In his hand as a result of being exposed to the stones that were flying between the demonstrators and the people of Ain al-Remmaneh the moment they entered the street branching from the main street where the demonstration was.

The question is will the investigations reach the truth of what happened in Tayouneh? We must wait for an answer to this question, knowing that the people of Ain al-Rummaneh announced filing a lawsuit against the Secretary-General of Hezbollah and all those who appear in the investigation to be involved in the attack on their property and their children. Involved in the Tayouneh incident.

Sayyed Nasrallah was clear in his last words when he stressed the need for the investigations to reach serious results, otherwise there will be another action, as he said.

  • Sawt Beirut International