| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

Technical college contractors stop teaching

There is no doubt that the situation of teachers of formal vocational and technical education is very difficult, and to say the least, it is disastrous and tragic socially and life-wise.
The economic crisis under which the employee and the professor are afflicted, and the disregard practiced by the people in power, portends the worst, and sounds the alarm, as this bitter reality has put the professor in a difficult and strenuous living situation, as well as the educational sector, which is in danger.

The Association of Official Vocational and Technical Education Teachers announced yesterday the strike, and raised the voice loudly until there is a listening ear from those concerned in order to address the problems that affect the living life of the professor and his human dignity.

Today the strike began, but how long will it last?
In the event of non-response, will there be an escalation by the association?

So the situation of the teachers is dire, as they are no longer able to carry out their mission, but the most important question is what is the fault of the student who is in a state of loss and confusion, is it not enough for him to worry about his future in a country where he tries to live day by day?


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