| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Teenagers who used drugs are now speaking up

It’s fun for seconds, minutes or even hours, and it’s a hell of a lifetime that seems endless. For some, it is an escape from a prison, leading them to a larger prison, locking up the soul until suffocation, for others it is strength and hardness. They soon discover a white background that is black because of the darkness of the weakness of the body and the weariness of dreams of tomorrow, and for others it is forgetting reality or the weight of memories.

By the force of its chemistry, it turns into the ugliest memory, the memory of this moment that lasts as long as the pulse works, even partially.
Drugs, fear the strong spirits, fear the solid resolve, they die by their might on the threshold of the word “No”.
Here in Hammana, we had this deep human encounter, where the sky is near and the addicted past is far away, in the center of “Cedar, we spoke with former addicts and current strongmen.”

What they said is part of the past, but we have the present, the present of a past that will not be merciful with the power of determination.
Ahmed has a story that transformed his summer residence into a home that embraces the four seasons of life.

In Hammana’s house, he lives with young men and women, one partner, the Tomorrow, who will come out with them with veins free of toxins and full of red globules of happiness.

Drugs are afraid of the truth, the truth is that life is wonderful, it cannot be drugged!


  • Sawt Beirut International