| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Temporary solutions for fuel … and pharmacies to close!

The story of the fuels is like the story of the oil cables.
After the scene of the queues, the Central Bank announced that the import of gasoline until next Tuesday will remain at the price of 22 thousand and 200 pounds. Starting from Monday, banks can sell the Lebanese pound in cash against the cash US dollar, or vice versa, at the last price of the “exchange” platform, without setting a limit on the quantity traded.
On this subject, the representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, joined us.

From the fuel crisis to the medicine crisis, and after the Pharmacies Owners Committee warned of the interruption of the drug stock in pharmacies due to the change in the price of the exchange platform, while the Ministry of Health did not issue a new indicator to adjust the prices of medicines, will the drug be interrupted? Member of the Pharmacy Owners Association, Dr. Muhammad Jaber explains to Sawt Beirut International.

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