| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Testimonies from Army and Security personnel explain their desire of fleeing or leaving their institutions

The Army and Security personnel who are tasked of protecting the homeland are no longer protected in their country. The military and security corps are experiencing one of the worst crisis ever, but the authorities are trying to hide this crisis, and bury it as much as possible.

Recently, several suicides were recorded among soldiers, and this indicated that frustration and fatigue prevail among military members.

In Akkar, a member from the Lebanese army from the 7th Infantry Brigade committed suicide, and a soldier in the Lebanese army shot himself in Achrafieh.

In the latest report of the security forces, a member of the security forces, Charbel Farah, was found dead in his car, leaving behind a message detailing the pain of the security members, saying: “They neither allow you to resign nor to travel.”

Military members are no longer able to bear the situation, and a large number of them has fled from the institution hiding from retribution.

The purchasing power of the soldier has dramatically deteriorated, and he is no longer able to reach his workplace. The bus tariff has become 50,000, and disciplinary penalty are imposed if soldiers do not attend work.

A wide array of the military members, especially the young, are dreaming of a better future and has progress ambitions. Their sole request is lifting the siege and allowing legal layoff.


  • Sawt Beirut International