| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

That’s what Rafik Hariri achieved, and successive governments destroyed

Someone once said that Rafik Hariri built stones, rather than human beings.

On the 17th anniversary of his martyrdom, we will present to you, in audio and video, the one who built the stone and the human being and the one who killed human beings and destroyed every stone in the city of Beirut.

In 1979, at the peak of the civil war, Rafik Hariri founded the Hariri Foundation to provide thousands of scholarships, help Lebanese students to learn in Lebanon and abroad, and support the establishment of secondary schools and universities, especially the Lebanese University in Hadath.

However today, the situation of students, teachers, and schools in general is the best evidence of the failed policies adopted by the successive governments, and the prevailed phenomenon of forged degrees. The University of Hadath has also become a partisan headquarters for the Shiite duo.

On October 31, 1992, Hariri formed his first government and hastened to stop the deterioration of the Lebanese pound, which had tumbled to 3,000 LBP against the dollar. He was able to help the country avoid a complete collapse and revolution of the hungry.

As for today, there is no companion for the lira to stop its collapse, but mafias and militias control the fate of the lira and move it according to their political interests.

As for downtown Beirut, which Hariri revived after the devastation of the civil war to pump out development projects, infrastructure and electricity 24/24, has become a destination for tourists from all over the world, buzzing with locals and international brands.

A year after his death, March 8 groups occupied central Beirut and turned it into a camp.

Two years later, the statelet turned against the state on May 7, and burned Beirut with its stones and its people.

All the way to the Beirut Port explosion, which was the fatal blow to the city that Hariri dreamed of.

It returned to ashes and filled its sky with the lives of more than 220 martyrs, who died as a result of corruption and negligence, and for the sake of the Syrian regime.

From the center of Beirut, passing through Camille Chamoun Sports Complex, whose dilapidated facilities were completely removed by Prime Minister Hariri, to start rebuilding it as one of the most important stadiums in the Middle East, where it hosted the Arab Games in 1997 and the 2000 Asian Cup finals.

Today, the complex has become a storehouse for wheat and other materials, and it is correct to describe it as the city of ghosts.

Rafic Hariri International Airport has become one of the most important airports in the Arab world. Hariri contributed to the restoration of what was bombed and destroyed to hold his name after his assassination in 2005.

After that, Hezbollah imposed his control over the airport, and the country’s first front looked like an entrance to one of the Iranian provinces.

Through all these events it becomes clear who worked for the sake of the people, and built the  stone, and who destroyed a country at the head of its people and turned the stones of the city to ashes.

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