| 6 December 2022, Tuesday |

The banking dollar is present … the reproduction is valid

More crowding of public and a few concessions of politicians,

In the presence of the dollar, bags of local currency,

A second day for a banking platform after the night of the might of the dollar,
The Bank of Lebanon has circulated the decision to sell dollars to depositors or obtain their salaries in hard currency, these banks in Beirut closed their doors before one in the afternoon, while always notes the need to remain open to six in the evening,
Failure to implement the circular as a result of the return of the dollar behavior, its upward path,

Dispinity in giving dollars on the price of a banking platform is another reason that prevented many to attract the doors of banks,
A small tour of the banks was sufficient to show their lack of commitment to implement the circular

Dragon prices shake financial, food and social security

Difficulty circulating and confusion electronic applications

It meets a competition on the black market in a country where the monetary authority has not taken any serious measures.

  • Sawt Beirut International