| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

The ceiling of electoral expenses for candidates has been set at 750 million Lebanese pounds

Electoral money is the title of the next stage, whereby the candidates will start collecting the yield in order to pump it into the electoral market. According to the articles related to electoral financing and spending contained in the election law, an amount of 750 million Lebanese pounds was set to cover the candidate’s expenses, which is the equivalent of 35,000 dollars at an exchange rate equivalent to 20 thousand. Is this amount sufficient to cover festivals, election campaigns and the candidate’s television appearances?

With the failure to specify the mechanism for calculating the expenditure ceiling by the Election Supervision Commission, and the lack of realism of the law, this matter will negatively affect the proper conduct of the voting process and open the way for more abuses.

As for the candidates, the financial reality imposed on them to be divided into two parts. The first row and those who own dollar bills. The second row for those who don’t have much dollar bills, and these are the weakest link in the electoral arena.

It is the stage of the electoral dollars, so whoever owns it will shine on the electoral scene, and whoever loses it will have his parliamentary fate at stake.

  • Sawt Beirut International