| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

The cross-regional and cross-sectarian “Nuh Foundation” lands in Karantina Hospital

Charbel Sadaka spends most of his time in Karantina Governmental Hospital. This child, who suffers from a weak immune system, lost his mother after a long battle with the Corona virus. His father Elias has lost his job due to the difficult economic conditions.

Charbel will be able, today, like other childen, to get full health care thanks to the Nuh Foundation, which made a cash donation of fifty thousand dollars to the hospital in cooperation with Asami – Birth and Beyond.

The Nuh Foundation, headed by Mrs. Hasna Al Hariri and sponsored by Sheikh Baha Al Hariri, seeks to help Karantina Hospital, which was damaged in the August 4th explosion.

The CEO of the Nuh Foundation, Nicolas Saba, said to Sawt Beirut International reporter Ghida Jebeli, “What is the fault of children, the weakest element in society? If they need health and hospital services, we must be by their side”.

He added, “From this point of view, the Nuh Foundation, headed by Mrs. Hasnaa Hariri, wanted to create a humanitarian, medical and moral gesture for children in particular.”

The health sector, like other sectors, is suffering from difficult economic conditions, as the Lebanese wait at the gates of emergency, unable to even pay 10 percent of the treatment bill, while nurses earn 60 percent a month. About 25 percent of doctors have left the country. And in the absence of the state, this hospital will be able, not only to renovate the pediatric ward, but also to construct a new maternity ward under the title “For the Mother and the Child.”

“The explosion of August 2020 destroyed a large part of Beirut and led to the destruction of many institutions, especially medical institutions that were providing services to Lebanese citizens, and the Karantina Governmental Hospital, specifically the children’s department, was destroyed in this explosion and is reviving today,” Saba said.

He explained, “For this reason, the Nuh Foundation decided to provide this cash assistance to the hospital, to help it face the difficulties and problems. As everyone knows, many nurses and doctors are leaving Lebanon because their salaries have become little due to the collapse of the national currency.”

“This assistance will help the hospital, and this department in particular, to face these difficulties so that doctors and nurses remain in Lebanon, providing the required medical and hospital services”.

The Nuh Foundation works with all its energies to cross regions and sects. It provided humanitarian aid to Al-Salam Hospital in Tripoli after the Akkar explosion, and is aiming to help all Lebanese without discrimination to face the economic, living and humanitarian difficulties.

  • Sawt Beirut International