| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

The customs dollar… Will it rise with the approval of the budgets?

With the beginning of December, that is, the month of holidays, work began with the new customs dollar price, which was set at 15,000 Lebanese pounds instead of 1,507 pounds, in a new development on the local scene that the Lebanese are looking at with great concern for its repercussions, which will inevitably cause a rise in the prices of imported goods and commodities, which will further destroy their capacity. purchasing.

But the question that arises today is whether the customs dollar will rise with the approval of the budget in the coming years to equal the exchange rate?

Usually, and in the face of the economic collapse, countries seek to reduce taxes, and this is the opposite of what is happening in Lebanon. To what extent will there be negative repercussions on the citizen and the consumer in particular?

What are the steps that must be taken in parallel with the increase in the customs dollar?

It is true that it is illogical to continue the price of 1,500 pounds at a time when the dollar exceeds 40,000 pounds, but taking this step requires a basket of integrated reforms, a recovery plan, based on a unified exchange rate, and correcting wages, provided that it results from growth and the state moving the economic wheel, not By increasing the customs burdens and taxes that affect one category and not others.

  • Sawt Beirut International