| 19 April 2024, Friday |

The elections security status … the last card for the Duo and the Covenant!

Almost three months separate us from the parliamentary elections, but so far, and despite the politicized media campaigns of both Hezbollah and covenant team, that aim to ridicule the elections due to the inevitability of their victory, still, this has not succeeded in dispelling concerns about a sudden development that will disrupt the elections. The most worrying of which is this Duo’s resorting to their last card, i.e. political and security events that reverse all criterias, and shuffle all cards, to overthrow the parliamentary elections, especially with the successive plays regarding the governor of the Banque du Liban and the prosecution against Major General Imad Othman, in addition to the language of “threat and intimidation” used by the Secretery General of Hezbollah threatening Israel with a new operation.

So, all these introductions, plays and intimidations that occur at this stage, indicate something accumulating in data to prove its validity, which is the postponement or even canceling of the entitlement. As for the question today, will Hezbollah and the Covenant succeed and transcend the popular will, and the international position, in light of the warnings of the Security Council and the decision capitals, that stress the need to hold elections on time?

It remains that the Lebanese arena is very fragile in terms of security tensions. So, will the haters succeed in achieving their goals by plunging the country into a security chaos that is added to the political, social and living chaos?