| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

The explosion of fuel reservoir designated for smuggling in Al-Tleil causes a massacre

Within less than a month, Akkar’s people has suffered and cried twice. In early August, wildfires erupted in Akkar destroying its beautiful forests, and in the middle of the month her sons fell down victims to Al-Tleil explosion.

Al-Tleil explosion took place on the early morning of August 15, while people and the Lebanese Army were distributing gasoline gallons to the citizens for free, and after confiscating the fuel reservoirs on a land that belongs to George Al-Rashid.

Several stories were reported by the people of Al-Tleil about the cause of the fire. Was it caused by a gunshot, or igniting a lighter, or both? The identity of the owner of the stored fuel has not yet been confirmed.

Anger and madness prevail among Akkar people, because starvation along with poverty and deprivation pushed teenagers and the youth to stand in long queues to fill gasoline for free, and to be killed later.

  • Sawt Beirut International