| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Abiding by the following measures will avoid a new lockdown

After issuing the decision regarding lifting lockdown, the Commercial Sector resumed life as before after a closure that lasted nearly two months, under a health protocol that was imposed on these institutions in order to re-operate. In this regard, the head of the Lebanese Franchise Association, President. Yahya Kassaa, told Sawt Beirut International’s reporter that “We were expecting that this health crisis would start recovering during these 2 months. When sectors closed for almost two months, the damage was great. Nevertheless, we must think positively. The decision that was taken was logical and close to reality with regard to the number of employees allowed to work, and we were asked to grant more corona tests”.

“ Hopefully, restaurants will resume work the sooner possible, even though they will apply strict measures during the first stage, because restaurants’ operation is a cornerstone to Lebanon’s economy,” he added.

Kassaa expressed his fear and concern that the country will witness another lockdown in months. “Then, the sector will be dealing with a fatal blow “, he added, stressing that the Ministry of Health did not give them any support or assistance.

The irresponsibility of people and the Ministry of Health is leading the country to an almost certain lockdown all over again.

  • Sawt Beirut International