| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

The government of sons-in-law

Lebanon is moving from the era of the only son-in-law Sunday to the era of the two sons! Meaning: We had a catastrophe, now we have two! Before today, we were asking: Who gave Michel Aoun the right to assign a significant number of his presidential powers to Gibran Bassil? What today, we have added a second question: Who gave Najib Mikati the right to entrust the formation of the government to his brother-in-law, Taha?

Do the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister not realize that the constitution and customs are very clear regarding the formation of the government? The Prime Minister-designate is the one who conducts parliamentary consultations to form the government, and signs with the President of the Republic the decree of its formation.

If the constitutional text is unequivocal, then the formation of the government is limited to only two persons: the President of the Republic and the designated Prime Minister. How did the recruitment process become without a prestige, leading to everyone intervening and mediating in it?

Sometimes we find Major General Abbas Ibrahim intervening, and others, the two “Khalils” advising and directing.

And here we are today in front of a new, funny – weeping phenomenon: the two brothers-in-law’s interfering in none of their businesses. How did the two sons’ in laws replace the two presidents? Which constitution gave them this right?  And by the way: exactly a year and a month ago, that is, since Mustafa Adib was commissioned, and Gibran Bassil said that he had nothing to do with the formation of the government, and that the matter did not concern him. His party will not participate and will not give confidence. Therefore, he does not and will not interfere with the authoring process.

What has changed? And how did the ascetic become the first interfering in the formation of the government? What bad fate made us move from researching for formation a government with independent specialists, to discussing the formation of the government of the two sons-in-law?!!

  • Sawt Beirut International