| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

The homeland misses Rafik Hariri!

No one, except the haters, denies that the homeland is in dire need for Martyr Rafik Hariri, the companion of moderation, reconstruction and progress, and the companion of sovereignty in all its forms.

It is certain that the country would not have collapsed in such a tragic way, if Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was still alive and his policies that adhere to Arab constants and national choices are still among us. His policies that neither offer free prizes to opponents and enemies, nor unjustified concessions, and policies that are based on the principle of Lebanon first were not liked by the tyrants of Iran, Syria and Lebanon, so they unanimously decided to get rid of it, and each of them planted his blade in Hariri’s chest, so the martyr went and the homeland died.

The man of salvation has gone, and today it is necessary to focus on the importance of continuing this policy, following his rules, constants and prohibitions carried to save our beloved Lebanon and its good people from death.

Some Lebanese did not know Hariri’s value until they lost him and lost his real and open policy to the whole world. His enemies insulted, oppressed, and killed him, and made of his safe, beautiful and bright Lebanon a place for intelligence, militia, and hopeless Lebanon. How much we need a real policy that will extract Lebanon from the militia’s monster to return it to a real state.

  • Sawt Beirut International