| 3 February 2023, Friday |

The hours of rationing contributions to be increased.. The Minister of Energy appeals to the owners of generators to stand firm

Jean is no longer able to provide a brushing service for women, and the electricity crisis has complicated his ability to determine his working hours. Important brands are no longer a priority for work tools, since the main kit, electricity, is missing.

Issam Omar inspects the electric generator, which is nearing its end, and examines the possibility of its resilience by renewing spare parts instead of buying another one after a year. He adheres to the price of the Ministry of Energy, which does not exceed 7000 pounds per kilowatt, on the basis that the price of one ton of diesel is eight hundred dollars, the price of the ton has risen to one thousand one hundred and forty dollars and reached one thousand four hundred dollars on the black market.

Energy Minister Walid Fayyad did not discuss with his guest the Iraqi ambassador the issue of securing electricity, and he only made a veiled appeal to the generator owners to help them withstand. The electricity is cut off, even in the Ministry of Energy, which was able to provide an alternative to some of its lights, while confirming its inability to provide any alternative for a people who does not think of anything better than the original, regarding the electricity file.

  • Sawt Beirut International