| 15 April 2024, Monday |

The Lebanese and calm before storm…

There is something strange about the Lebanese people nowadays..poverty, unemployment, starvation..queues chase them daily..there is no medicine or even hospitalization..even bread by dropper…high prices of their daily commodities…and everyone is calm, and you barely hear some scattered screams from here and there… So did the Lebanese get numb, or have they become accustomed to misfortunes?

No, the Lebanese hasn’t got accustomned. The explosion is soon, especially if the budget is approved in the month of September, meaning “preparing for schools and universities and the new year.” And if Sayrafa rate is adopted, there will be great inflation and all sectors will be affected, which means that the explosion is inevitably coming.

The explosion is imminent, this is confirmed by scientists and knowledgeable in the social field. As the people can no longer bear.

So, will we witness a new revolution that will shake the wall of officials fighting among themselves over positions and chairs, and racing as over plays “in which they care for everything except the Lebanese sufferings.”

  • Sawt Beirut International