| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

The Lebanese crisis is faced with seafood

The sea does not know anything about the banks’ siege of depositors’ money, the sea does not recognize the exchange rate at the money changers, the sea does not believe in bankruptcy and starvation. And Nadima, or as she likes people to call her “Mother Elias”, is like the sea in the port area of ​​Tripoli, she knows nothing but good and blessing, when the world narrowed her down, she searched for relief on the horizon of this sea. She turned its salt into sugar, and transformed the kitchen of her humble home into a restaurant, a Lebanese mother, “Kabadaya”.

Nadima cooks with the best quality raw materials, but the most important thing is that she cooks with love, and this is the highlight of her recipes.

Those in the restaurant are not workers, but household members, and those who come to eat are not customers, but visitors.

Nadima, with her experience, teaches the Lebanese that instead of asking for a fish, they should learn to fish.

  • Sawt Beirut International