| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

The Lebanese live on nerve medications and tranquilizers

Lebanon ranks second in the top ten of the most tense and sad people in the world, this is what a report by the American Gallup company revealed, and a literal translation of it can be found during a short tour in the streets of Beirut, which is sufficient to notice the size of sadness that hangs over the faces of its residents, this city that has always known its love for life Today, economic and living crises are grappling with the decline in the purchasing power of the Lebanese pound against the dollar.

Psychologist Rima Bejani explained to “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Ghida Jbeili that it goes back to what “before the explosion of Beirut Port was caused by the economic situation and the imbalance in which we live, just as the Lebanese are inheriting mental illnesses, since for 40 years there is no stability in our lives, we live in anxiety. We do not have a clear positive outlook that makes a person develop his abilities  to overcome problems, so the Lebanese always has dark ideas, always feels that he is distressed and cannot do anything, from here we find that the rate of emigration is rising in search for a safe life. ”She pointed to the suicides that we have witnessed recently. And the process of people burning themselves, “indicating that they have reached a stage where they can no longer think in a positive way.”

The despair that settled in the hearts of the Lebanese prompted a large number of them to take nerve medications and tranquilizers, “This means dark thoughts are increasing ,” and stressed that “ thoughts are what help us or be our enemy’”

Towards death,  Lebanese flee from hunger, it hunts them in front of the banks, manipulated the prices of goods and sometimes deprived them of obtaining a bundle of bread or a carton of milk, but does anyone hear or care about this monster of despair?