| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

The “life coach” trend is sweeping Lebanon, who are these people?

Every now and then Lebanon witnesses a new trend that reaches the limits of what is known in sociology as Fad.

Int the late 2000s, the wedding ‘Zaffeh’ became a trend. Later on, PR has become a specialty that suddenly sprouted from under the land of specializations. Then we heard about the PT, which means the Personal Trainer, so that the Lebanese can no longer train themselves alone, but his Instagram albums need a picture that brings him together with the Personal Trainer on the eyes of followers and envy.

Today a new trend is evolving which is the life coach, who are these? On what basis are they classified?

Suzanne has a well-deserved title of life coach. What are the ramifications of coaching?

A life coach is not a psychologist, nor a social scientist, but rather a guide for life choices.

Just as the muscles need physical training, and just as the mind needs intellectual training through reading, life also needs training through “Life Coach”.

  • Sawt Beirut International