| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

The medical sector is in the last stages of resilience… Dispensaries are tackling the mission of hospitals

The way to the clinic has become easier for many Beirut residents.
The hospitalization crisis changed their direction from hospital to health care center.
Managing the patient’s crisis is an essential task for her.
Added to it the task of managing the crisis that swept all institutions.
It is the medical team for the people, but it is the medicine for the patient.
The clinic accommodates hundreds of surgeries per day, and has become a destination for about 1,000 patients per month.
The needs for medicines outweigh the possibilities to obtain them.
The number of patients is increasing daily.
Even those who cannot be treated here go to the dispensary.
Some in need of hospital services have been harmed by the lack of disease prevention.
They sat in search of a cure.
The disaster in hospitals reactivated the role of clinics.
These centers are still steadfast since the beginning of the collapse.
But she needs someone to help her in the near future, before she suffers from a condition that disrupts her movement.

  • Sawt Beirut International