| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

The military court charged minors involved in Al-Tleil bombing

The sources of Sawt Beirut International learned that investigations into the explosion of the fuel tank in the town of Al-Talil Akkari concluded that the young man Jerji Ibrahim was involved in igniting gasoline with a lighter, and he is the uncle of George Ibrahim, the owner of the land whose house was burned in the town hours after the explosion. The accused, Jerji Ibrahim, was injured in the accident and stayed in the hospital for several days.

The military investigation indicated that the explosion did not occur as a result of gunfire, pointing out that the bullets were not found inside or around the tank, nor on the empty envelopes.

Based on these results of the investigations, the sources learned that the acting government commissioner to the military court, Judge Fadi Akiki, had accused three people of causing the explosion, which led to the death of a number of military and civilians and injured dozens.

Akiki attributed to the detainees, George Ibrahim, and Ali Sobhi Faraj, who is from the town of Wadi Khaled al-Akaria, their unsafe storage of inflammable materials, despite their knowledge of the danger of their work, anticipating the result and endangering the lives of citizens, and causing the killing of more than 31 soldiers and civilians.

The arrested defendant, Gerge Elias Ibrahim, was also charged with setting the fire. The file was referred to the Acting First Military Investigative Judge, Fadi Sawan.

The investigation did not expand to determine the identities of the political and security officials who secured the cover for the accused, George Ibrahim and Ali Faraj, to carry out the work of storing fuel and smuggling it to Syria, knowing that Faraj was providing fuel in large quantities to Ibrahim, in order to smuggle it into the Syrian interior, with security and political cover from two representatives of the province, whose names were popularized in smuggling cases.

As for the number of victims in the bombing, it rose Monday to 39 people, with the death of the young man, Talib Al-Hassan, from the town of Al-Dossa, Akkari, from his severe burns, after he was transferred to Kuwait for treatment.

  • Sawt Beirut International