| 8 December 2022, Thursday |

The most prominent psychological syndromes associated with cities

In addition to Stockholm syndrome, which is represented in the victim’s sympathy with the perpetrator, and the crystallization of positive feelings instead of fear and terror. Here are the most prominent other syndromes associated with cities, according to a study by Big Think.

The beginning of the Paris syndrome, which was reported in 2014, affects about a dozen Japanese tourists annually. Its symptoms are anxiety and delusions. You reach the point of imagining that they are King Louis XIV, the “King of the Sun”.

To Florence Syndrome, whose symptoms are increased heart rates, fainting and hallucinations, to be fascinated by the city’s cultural and civilizational heritage.

As for the Venice Syndrome, it is represented in the high suicide rates among German tourists, as a result of being influenced by the German novel “Death in Venice”.

Lima syndrome, represented in the positive emotional relationships that the kidnappers develop with the hostages. They even let most of them escape in 1996.

The London Syndrome, the opposite of the Stockholm and Lima Syndromes, develops negative feelings between the kidnappers and the hostages.

to Brooklyn Syndrome, represented by the intense competition between male conscripts.

At the conclusion of this tour, we come to Detroit Syndrome, which is a form of age discrimination among workers. They are replaced at a certain age by younger ones. Its name came from the city of Detroit, famous for its automobile industry, in which new models are constantly being replaced by old ones.


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