| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

The official’s escorts are masters in suppressing freedoms

These attacks are not against those who caused the port explosion, nor those carrying weapons, and most importantly, not against those who brought ammonium nitrate into the port. Rather, they affect those who are calling for an honest and honorable probe, and for politicians who believe in the most basic rights of the citizens.

In the past few weeks, the families of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion have been subjected to flagrant attacks, as well as the media and photojournalists who followed their movements.

The officials’ security forgets their basic role, and their security and moral responsibility, so they attack the demonstrators and brandish weapons in their faces, just because they dared to demonstrate in front of their leader’s house.

As for the measures that are supposed to be taken against the security men who assault people, then there is no state or leader for accountability. Lebanon is in a time of chaos, and no one realizes the extent of his responsibilities or where his limits stand, whether with some officials or those who secure protection for them.

They are all repressive actions that violate human rights by expressing opinion and demanding justice. Will the permanent attempts of repression succeed, or will the voice of truth for protesters will win?

  • Sawt Beirut International